Software for controlling DMX lights via OSC

NOTE: The Enttec boxes have an issue with OSX 10.11, I'm not sure where the problem is but they hang sometimes when the software is quit. The best (annoying) solution is to unplug them and restart the software. I've never had them hang while the software is running, just on startup/shutdown.

Once running, you can send OSC commands as follows. Also this software serves as a client for VoxCtrl and the ambilight feature of SyMix2.

Visually “mutes” all the lights by saving the value and then sending them all to black. Note this only effects
the lights that OSCLight knows about.


“Unmutes” the lights by restoring their value before blackout was called:


Set colors by specifying /CHANNEL followed by RED GREEN BLUE WHITE values 0-255, as follows:

Sets the light on channel 1 to purple (255 red + 255 blue):

/osclight/1 255 0 255 0

Use underscore as a placeholder.
This sets the blue of light on channel 1 to 255, leaving the other colors where they are:

/osclight/1 _ 255 _ _

Sets the red and green of the light on channel 1 to 255, leaving blue and white where they are:

/osclight/1 255 255
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