1. Don’t worry about the aesthetic of the app… or rather DO worry about it, but it’s all placeholder. I’m expecting it to be redone. I will prepare a list of media/icons/text that can be changed.

2. For now, please let’s focus on what this app does and not go too nuts with additional features/capabilities unless there are serious dramaturgical concerns. If you want to add “proposals” to the feature tracker below, that’s cool though.

For each of the two apps I have set up an issue tracker, please report bugs and log feature requests there.
For bugs, be as specific as possible, including detailed instructions on how to reproduce the issue is key to helping me fix it.

Some vocabulary/concepts:

The authoring tool is the locative script tool which creates scripts that can be saved locally as plists or published to the asset server.

The asset server supports multiple projects (each project represents a single script and associated media - although we will not be serving media off the asset server for this project but will be using vimeo instead).

A script is primarily a collection of events. Events are coordinates (map pins) which contain media and display settings.

Settings are app-wide and are for tweaking the overall behavior (for example, configuring what type of map appears)

Every script is automatically issued an export ID which is unique. It’s a long UUID that you can use to confirm the app is running the script you think it is.


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